Weekend Linkfest 31/10/2015

Weekend Linkfest 31/10/2015

This Kardashian headline shows why two Nobel winners say the economy is broken.

A great compilation of insightful comments on dividend investing: 101 Dividend Investing Tips From the Experts.

More on slowly unfolding car crash that is Valeant from John Hempton: Comments on the blockbuster Valeant conference call.

And here’s Bill Ackman’s response to the Valeant saga.

Risk Parity strategies are no longer racking up the returns investors are used to: Pension Funds Struggle As Risk Parity Collects Fees.

Shares of Japan’s Okamoto condoms fell 10% after China changed its one-child policy:¬†Long nappies, short condoms.

Is sterling overvalued?

Why has world trade been so weak?

Are share buybacks jeopardizing future growth?

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