Walter Schloss Part Seven: Learning From The Master

Walter Schloss Part Seven: Learning From The Master

Walter Schloss – Part seven: Learning from the Master

As I’ve covered before, Walter Schloss never went to college. At 18, he started working as a runner on Wall Street at Carl M. Loeb & Co. After a year at the firm, Walter Schloss met with Armand Erpf, a partner of Loeb & Co, who was also incharge of the statistical department. Walter Schloss wanted a job in the statistical department but Armand turned him down. Instead he advised Schloss to read a newly published book entitled “Security Analysis” written byBenjamin Graham and David Dodd

After reading the book, and looking to further his career, Schloss enrolled on a series of courses conducted by the New York Stock Exchange, prerequisites for classes with Graham. After these primers, Walter Schloss was allowed to take a course in “Security Analysis” as taught by Graham.

Articles seven and eight of this series on Walter Schloss are based on what Schloss learned from Graham during his time with the Godfather of deep-value.

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