A new Royal Stimulus and ‘The Firm’

A new Royal Stimulus and ‘The Firm’

Unless you don’t have access to mainstream media (in which case you won’t be reading this) then you will have noticed that the British royal family has a new member.

It is expected that this new arrival will spur a £240 million ($380 million) economic boost to the British economy. 

In comparison to the rest of the British royal family this is a paltry sum. It is estimated that the total ‘market value’ of the monarchy stands at £44.5 billion ($66.8 billion), which would place ‘The Firm’ as it is sometimes referred to, at place number 52 in the S&P 500, sandwiched between Ford and eBay.

This value includes £18.1 billion of assets including estates, the Crown jewels and art collections, plus an additional £26.4 billion a year in intangible assets related to benefits to the British economy.  

Crown Estate, the company responsible for managing the royal families property portfolio, reported profits of £253 million ($380 million) for fiscal 2012. The UK government pockets most of this (usually to waste on things like a study to see if ducks like rain, seriously that happened – ((ducks do like rain, if you were concerned)) but does allow a small Sovereign Grant – a percentage of the income from Crown Estates for the Queen to live off, which is set to be £37.9 million next year.

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