Unproductive Congress

Unproductive Congress

The 112th Congress, which ended in 2012, was much criticized for being the least productive and most unpopular congress on record.

However, the new 113th Congress, only six months into its term, is set to beat that record.

According to a June Gallup poll, only 10% of Americans had confidence the institution, which is the lowest rating on record for any US government body — the rating has fallen from 13% last year.

Only 15 legislative items have become law under the current Congress, fewer than the 23 items signed into law at the same point during the previous Congress.

The main reason for this lack of activity? Well consider this, Boehner spokesman Michael Steel says several notable achievements have been carried out during the last two Congress’ but he says a large focus has been to stop President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats from passing parts of their agenda.

Welcome to divided government,” he said. “A big part of our job has been to stop bad things from happening.”

Actually, it would appear as if they have been stopping anything from happening.

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